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sara & chris bio

photo by Gustavo Fernandez


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30 Semi- Random Things About Chris and Sara

1. we are still madly in love after 12 years of marriage
2. we want to be your friend on facebook. yes, we are addicted
3. dinner at Le Cheval followed by a musical is a hot date
4. we live in a mid-century modern home
5. we think that design should be clean and simple
6. we believe in family dinner
7. we lived in San Diego for 10 years
8. chris was very involved in our wedding planning and cried more than sara
9. we are Mac people and love our iPhones. we also love Netflix and TiVo
10. our camera equipment is worth more than our cars
11. we have 2 kids and over 100,000 pictures of them on our computer
12. we think that pictures should ignite your five senses, not just your eyes
13. chris works full time for a summer camp company
14. we both drink coffee (but chris wont drink the chocolate kind)
15. we think that where you are photographed is as important as how you look
16. Sea Ranch and Tahoe are two of our favorite places to visit
17. chris teaches TurboKick at 24-Hr Fitness & is obsessed with P90X & Insanity
18. sara has a masters in communication and used to teach 4th grade
19. we love God and go to church every Sunday
20. we homeschool, but in the cool way, not the weird way
21. our kids are tearing up the house as we type this
22. when you book us, we both shoot your day together
23. chris collects art from Disneyland much to sara's chagrin
24. flip flops ARE shoes
25. sara forgets to wear make-up sometimes. chris likes that.
26. the biggest part of our wedding budget went to photography
27. the second biggest part of our wedding budget went to the location
28. we think you should have the digital files from your wedding
29. we like to be friends with our clients
30. we want to be your photographers!